Asynchron serial interface (UART)

For this functionality the IO project (base or pro) has to be uploaded to Netzer.

In UART mode signal RX is configured as receive pin and TX is configured as transmit pin for serial interface.

The interface can be configured via Netzer web interface.


The following baudrates are supported. Due to external crystal and clock generation a system error arises.

Baudrate in Baud Error in %
300 0
1200 0,01
2400 0,01
4800 0,0072
9600 0,01
19200 -0,08
38400 0,098
57600 -0,08
115200 0,47

Data format

The standard data format is one start bit, 8 data bits and one stopbit. The parity bit is optional and can be set like (only IO_pro):

Mode Description
None No parity is transmitted/accepted.
Odd An odd parity is transmitted/accepted.
Even An even parity is transmitted/accepted.
Mark The parity bit is always 1. This setting can be used to emulate a second stop bit.
Space The parity bit is always 0.

Handshakes (only **IO_pro**)

Coming soon.

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