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 ====== Service packages and licenses ====== ====== Service packages and licenses ======
 Since version 1.4, it is distinguished between two firmware versions: Since version 1.4, it is distinguished between two firmware versions:
-  * The continuously freely ​maintained and published version **"​base"​**,​ +  * The no longer ​maintained and published version **"​base"​**,​ 
-  * As well as the new version **"pro"**, enriched with new and powerful features.+  * As well as the version **"Standard"​** ​(formerly pro), enriched with new and powerful features.
 All the projects within a revision are offered both as **base** and **pro** version. All the projects within a revision are offered both as **base** and **pro** version.
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 ===== Base license ===== ===== Base license =====
-Installing ​base projects requires the installed [[boot2|Bootloader ​2]].+<WRAP center round important 60%> 
 +Since version 1.6 base versions and bootloader ​are no longer maintained and supported!!! ​
-==== Downloads ====+Please ask [[en:​contact|here]] for upgrading to latest bootloader 4. 
-Here is the complete download ​[[history|history]].+Installing base projects requires ​the installed ​[[boot2|Bootloader 2]].
-===== Pro license ===== 
 +===== Standard license (formerly Pro) =====
-The **pro** ​version ​is not freely offered, but acquired with a new license. +<note important>​The standard ​version ​requires an update to [[boot3|Bootloader 4]].</​note>​ 
-This license may either be individually ​[[@/​shop_netzer_license_en.htm|bought]]or it is bought in the shop together with purchased [[@/​shop_netzer_en.htm|Netzer]].+An update to bootloader 4 is sent you by mail or is already installed when buying ​a Netzer ​from our distributors.
-The source code is not included in the **pro** licence, but can be [[@/​shop_netzer_source_en.htm|bought here]]. 
-<note important>​The pro version requires an update to [[boot3|Bootloader 4]].</​note>​+===== Downloads ======
-An update to bootloader 4 is sent you by mail or is already installed when buying a pro Netzer from our shop. +Here is the complete download [[history|history]].
- +
-==== Downloads ====+

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