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-===== Layout ===== +===== Netzer ​Layout ===== 
-  * Eagle file: {{:​docs:​netzer.brd|Open}}+  * Eagle file (netzer.brd): {{:​docs:​netzer.brd|Open}}
   * PDF (Top layer): {{:​docs:​netzer_top.pdf|Open}}   * PDF (Top layer): {{:​docs:​netzer_top.pdf|Open}}
   * PDF (Bottom layer, mirrored): {{:​docs:​netzer_bottom_mirrored.pdf|Open}}   * PDF (Bottom layer, mirrored): {{:​docs:​netzer_bottom_mirrored.pdf|Open}}
   * PDF (Parts, top layer): {{:​docs:​netzer_top_parts.pdf|Open}}   * PDF (Parts, top layer): {{:​docs:​netzer_top_parts.pdf|Open}}

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