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-====== Firmwareupdates ====== 
-The Netzer has an integrated Bootloader. Hence, firmware updates via network are possible (TFTP is used). No special programming device is needed. 
-The firmware is constantly under development. New features arrive and bugs will be fixed. The releases are published regularly. 
-There are two bootloader versions which are fundamentally different. 
-  * **[[en:​netzer:​boot2|Bootloader 2]]** expects a so-called IntelHex file as an image. These files can be downloaded from here. 
-  * **[[en:​netzer:​boot3|Bootloader 3]]** expects proprietary binary files. Through the special content only original MoBaCon images can be downloaded on this device. These files can not be downloaded, they are published by e-mail for MoBaCon customers only. 

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