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I want to use Netzer in commercial applications. Is this possible?

Netzer is licensed under MBCSL. This proprietary license prohibits commercial usage of the sources. But we will find a special agreement if you want. BSD or MPL style licenses are possible.

May I port the software to another platform?

As long as covered by the MBCSL, the answer is yes! The Netzer software depends on sources of Microchip, which are licensed separately. Some of these licenses (especially the TCP/IP stack license) bind the code to a Microchip platform.

Firmware update

The file upload via TFTP does not work neither in operation mode nor in bootloader mode!

The second Netzer (=Networker) charge of Elektor probably has no Bootloader in the controllers flash, only the firmware image. But so far nobody from Elektor has confirmed this. You have two options:

If you have an ICD2 (or clone), then it is quiet simple: reflash the Netzer with “boot.hex” (included in the latest release). Afterwards, all firmware updates should work like described in the firmware update rubric.

You have to send it back to Elektor - they will reflash for you :)

Netzer interface

Are the Netzer pins +5V tolerant?

Yes and no. Here is a list of the pins and the tolerated maximum voltage:

Netzer pin Maximum tolerated input voltage
SPI_CS +5,5 V
SPI_INT +5,5 V
SPI_CLK +5,5 V
SPI_MI +5,5 V
SPI_MO +5,5 V
TX +5,5 V
RX +5,5 V
GPIO0 +5,5 V
GPIO1 +5,5 V
GPIO2 +5,5 V
GPIO3 +5,5 V
GPIO4 +3,3 V
GPIO5 +3,3 V

Features not (yet) included

Why does it take such a long time until new features are added?

That is a hobbyist project. If an urgent feature is needed you can ask me anywhere or help me to implement it :)

Can I protect the website against unauthorized access?

Yes, the Netzer webpages are protected since version 1.3.

Since version 1.4 this is a feature of the pro versions (base versions will not have this feature).

My standard UART baudrate is not supported!

Simply ask. I will add this baudrate to the list. There is an auto baudrate detect feature in the USART module of the used controller. I think this feature will be implemented in one of the next revisions.


Where can I obtain Netzer?

Here: The Online-Shop from MoBaCon.

The price is quiet high!

Not those discussions again…

Software development also costs.

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