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 ====== 230 V Dimmer ====== ====== 230 V Dimmer ======
-The Netzer supports ​the direct connection of phase dimmers. So it is possible ​to control high voltage loads like bulbs via Ethernet respIntranet/Internet.+<note important>​For this functionality ​the **[[io_project|IO project]]** (base or pro) has to be  [[fwupdates|uploaded]] to Netzer.</note> ​
-From **firmware version 1.4 pro**, this feature ​is supported by Netzer+The Netzer supports the direct connection of phase dimmersSo it is possible to control high voltage loads like bulbs via Ethernet resp. Intranet/​Internet.
 <WRAP center round important 60%> <WRAP center round important 60%>

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